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Business Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations


Acumen Business Services

Solid business practices are critical to your organization's success. Acumen Business Services offers a comprehensive suite of business solutions for Nonprofit Organizations based on proven strategies that can help you navigate through today's financial and regulatory challenges.

Acumen provides a flexible array of management and consulting services, delivered with exemplary professionalism.  


Acumen Business Services

Kim Narcisso, President
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Located in Washington, DC

Accounting & Management

Acumen's professionals deliver the full range of business services for nonprofit organizations. We will work with you to design a business plan that is right for your unique organization and within your budget.

Be prepared to achieve unqualified audit results. We make your financial information audit-ready and represent you with independent and government auditors.

Included in our portfolio of services: 

Business Management

  • Budget Preparation and Monitoring

  • Part-time Controller or CFO

  • Internal Financial Statements and Financial Forecasts

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Proposal Preparation

  • Presentations to Funders, Boards, and Agencies

Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Billing

  • Taxes and Regulatory Reporting

  • Annual Audit Support

  • Payroll

  • Expense Organization and Reporting

  • Financial Statements


Grants & Compliance

Acumen assists nonprofit organizations with the receipt and management of Federal funding. 

Accurate and timely reporting for federal or other government funding agencies is critical to a nonprofit's ability to obtain and maintain government grants and contracts.  The world of nonprofit accounting and compliance is ever-changing. OMB guidelines for regulatory compliance have recently changed.  The new Uniform Guidance, for example, has a substantive impact on management of federal grant funding.  Acumen provides dedicated expertise to navigate your nonprofit through challenging rules and regulations.  Our experience highlights work with organizations such as the National Science Foundation, NASA, USAID, and the National Institutes for Health, to name a few.  We have assisted in the creation of proposals, compiled required reporting, and successfully managed a wide variety of government reviews and audits.

Whether you are bidding on a modest federal grant or wish to maintain the one you have, we can perform the heavy lifting,  Once in place, we can train your staff to effectively manage and retain the contract.

Our expertise in federal funding and monitoring compliance covers: 

  • Award negotiation

  • Grant proposal design and development

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting requirements

  • Internal control design and monitoring

  • Compliant policies and procedure documents

  • Indirect cost submission and overhead analyses

  • Government audit and compliance support


Funding Proposals

Acumen's clients are the successful recipient of Foundation, Corporate and Federal funding. Acumen's technical writers and editorial specialists oversee consistent style and themes that reflect ideal proposal efforts.  We will work with your staff or Board of Directors to :

  • Articulate strategy and capabilities

  • Edit proposals for clarity and consistency

  • Tailor proposal content to meet RFP requirements

  • Clarify goals within the business proposal

  • Define a well-supported proposal budget that will satisfy funders

Technical Editing

With more than 20 years experience writing for government agencies, nonprofits, and private industry, our clients have valued our contributions in the development of:

  • Strategic Plans

  • Personnel Policy Documents

  • Accounting and Procurement Policies and Procedures

  • Presentations to Donors and Boards

  • Operational Outcome Studies

  • Annual Reports

Acumen revises and maintains critical business documentation, through: 

  • Documentation of application systems

  • Review of text for style and consistency

  • Enforcement of documentation standards

  • Product analysis assessments

  • Ensuring nomenclature integrity


On-site Training & Tutorials

Your staff is your greatest resource and keeping your staff well trained pays big dividends.  There are many opportunities for outside training such as external workshops, conventions, and seminars.  To save travel expense and reduce lost productivity bring a trainer onsite, or customize your web video. 

Acumen can offer experienced and dynamic trainers for small or large groups.  Recent examples of training sessions include: 

  • The new OMB Uniform Guidance - What Do These Changes Mean for Us?

  • Unconscious Bias in Recruiting - Training our Search Committees for Optimal Outcomes

  • Developing an achievable budget and monitoring it throughout the year

  • Institutionalizing Conflict-of-Interest Policies and Procedures

  • QuickBooks training for accounting staff

  • Internal Controls in Accounting: Why they are important and how we can test for them

  • Making sense of that Financial Statement! A Manager's Guide to understanding financial results

  • Effective Performance Reviews

We design our training to be collaborative, energetic, and fun. We leave resources that can be used again for future reference.

Acumen also organizes management retreats where off-site locations allow greater focus on key organizational issues such as defining your mission statement or next year's operating plan.  Acumen's skilled leaders can help guide you to important outcomes for your organization.